The Sylics teams have a strong and longstanding expertise in different fields of Neuroscience, Genetics and Mouse behaviour research. Our experts can help you to enhance the quality of your research and reach further in data analysis.

We provide optimized and customized solutions for our clients in building and operating their projects.

Legal issues

Sylics works with professionals assisting and consulting partners and customers. Our team has an extensive expertise in negotiating and drafting contracts in various areas of neuroscience research.

We have ample expertise with drafting contracts for (European) consortia. Our team also has expertise in the protection and exploitation of know how and intellectual property rights in this particular field.

Project management

Sylics employs professional project managers, who can take over the responsibility for the management activities of large consortia, led by our clients. Project management includes (amongst others) the following services:

  • support in development of the grant- or project proposal
  • partner search
  • budget planning
  • negotiations with the grant provider and drafting of (consortium) agreements
  • coordination of scientific reporting
  • coordination of financial reporting
  • organisation and preparation and reporting of project/consortium meetings
  • datamanagement
  • design of project website and assistance with data dissemination